Social Media Research Paper Topics

List of Social Media Research Paper Topics
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    Finding Social Media Research Topics that you are interested in can be challenging. Social Media has only been trending for a while and is continuously evolving with new technology coming in on a regular basis. The students have to give in a lot of thought to come up with social media research title ideas and interesting research topics on social media.


    In this article, we will walk you through Social Media Research Paper Topics that are trending and relevant to your interests. Towards the end, we would also be answering frequently asked questions about social media title for research.

    Social Media Research Paper Topics

    Psychology Research Topics on Social Media

    1. Discuss the psychology trends worldwide with reference to mapping and bibliometric analysis on social media.
    2. Review meta-analytic evidence to gauge if social media is ruining our lives.
    3. Discuss how social behavior is influenced by the prosocial media.
    4. Discuss inducing evaluative topics for personality analysis to confirm: you are what you talk about.
    5. Conduct and develop a thorough critical media research agenda with context to health psychology.
    6. Discuss the psychology of the digital era to see if humans have become electric.
    7. Study the sociocultural perspectives on the effects of idealized body norms: integrating body shame, positive body image and self love.
    8. Review how social media has affected the children psychologically.
    9. Study a new potential with persuasion neuroscience to test the dual process theories.
    10. Discuss how human psychology works on social media: drowning in information vs going with the flow.
    11. Discuss the psychological effects of spending time on social media that poses a risk of depression in adolescents.
    12. Study how Omnibus Law introduced by the new Indonesian government has a sentimental value on twitter.
    13. Find out how psychological research has a social impact in the well-being shared on social media.
    14. Conduct an emotional sentiment analysis of how social media content affects mental health.
    15. Conduct and in-depth analysis of social media elements, ecologies and their impact.

    Argumentative Research Paper Topics on Social Media

    1. Conduct a cross-sectional study to analyze the hesitation faced due to opinion sharing of sensitive topics on social media.
    2. Perform an empirical study about the opinions of consumers towards online games and their health effects.
    3. Study how hate speech can be detected on social media sites by using a bibliometric analysis.
    4. Research on the perspective of social media users about grandparents as childcare providers.
    5. Study the public response on social media regarding a social marketing campaign used for influencing attitudes and behavior regarding boating safety.
    6. Develop a comparative analysis between social media China and foreign countries using a bibliometric analysis.
    7. Explore the cause and effect of personal financial activities by using social media as an influencer.
    8. Study if depression can be detected in the post of a social media user.
    9. Determine how political interests of issue motivated groups take a stance on joint topic model issues and sentiments in social media.
    10. Using the ensemble method that is based on future fusion to detect the level of suicidal ideation on social media.
    11. Develop a location based sentiment mapping of topics discussed on social media.
    12. Using multiple social media platforms, conduct a study on e-cigarette user generated contents.
    13. Study how social media can be used to spread IED’s and the potential terrorism threats in Indonesia.
    14. Explore how social media can be used to recruit within LGBTQ communities.
    15. Discuss the challenges faced in Latin America with respect to the social resistance and vulnerability with respect to gender dissidence in leisure activities and traveling.

    Communication Research Topics Social Media

    1. Explore the digital media ecology by gaining insights from healthy diets and climate change communication on social media in the digital world.
    2. Discuss topics and topical phases during a disaster in social media communication in Germany.
    3. Conduct formative research to guide the health communication about community water fluoridation through social media conversations.
    4. Perform a content analysis of the longitudinal social media communication about the experience of caregivers who care for a family member with Alzheimer’s Disease.
    5. Explore the multi-method meaningful communication about the daily dose of digital inspiration on social media.
    6. Research on how social media dependency impacts online participation and offline communication.
    7. Conduct research on the last decade of journalism and social media to consolidate assumptions, loopholes and a way forward.
    8. Discuss the most effective crisis communication patterns in social media during Hurricane Sandy.
    9. Conduct a systematic review of the effectiveness of the role of social media in an earthquake.
    10. Discuss the role of networked scholarship and motivation for social media with respect to scholarly communication.
    11. Study how expert communication is effective on Twitter when comparing the networks and styles of communication of economists and scientists.
    12. Discuss how effective social media communication has been for European Airlines.
    13. Conduct a quantitative social interview study to see the willingness of adults to use email and social media for cancer screening communication amongst peers.
    14. Perform an observational study of how mass communication media and the general public has an increasing interest in the distribution of Tweets regarding mental disorders.
    15. Using content analysis as a research method, devise a content analysis in sports communication.

    Good Research Topics About Social Media

    1. Conduct an in depth analysis highlighting the good, the bad and the ugly if RPA can be used as a Social Media Marketing Tool.
    2. Study how to develop secure social media analytics dashboard for crisis communication of government agency
    3. Conduct a detailed analysis of how social media can be used for the prediction of worldwide trends of cryptocurrency.
    4. Discuss how journalists experience the level of job satisfaction as aspiring professionals and the newsroom culture with respect to social media.
    5. Study on how to navigate the issues associated with private and public communication on social media platforms in the form of good news, bad news and no news.
    6. Research on how the effect and patterns of gaming stations and computers can be observed in psychiatric clinics for the youth that is stuck on screens.
    7. Discuss in detail the comprehensive characterization and prevalence of most common health misinformation topics on social media
    8. Determine how online social media activities are influencing the customers behavior and willingness to pay for green products.
    9. Analyze social media in the uprisings of the Arab Spring and find the link and impact of social media on Arab Spring uprisings.
    10. Discuss how social media affects and instills positivity in the mental condition of the peer bloggers with anxiety and depression.
    11. Analyze the engagement of social media users with cancer communication on multiple social media platforms through topic modeling study.
    12. Conduct a case study on how various social media platforms can be utilized effectively by policy makers and consumers for tracking the content related to E-Cigarettes.
    13. Analyze how social media has affected journalism in the past decade with respect to the blind spots, assumptions and a way forward.
    14. Find out various types of social media posts that are offensive in nature, and also predict the target audience of such posts.
    15. How social media is affecting the college students also what is the positive and negative side of social media in the lives of college students.

    Research Topics About Social Media and Mental Health

    1. Investigate how Social Media influences and impacts the mental health of the youth of today!
    2. Discuss how the potential of social media can be channeled to develop the next generation of digital health treatment of youth’s mental health.
    3. Conduct an analysis to detect the level of depression among social media users of all age groups through machine learning.
    4. Use literature review to see how social media is considered a tool to predict future mental illness.
    5. Interpret how social media platforms are a better alternative for spreading mental health awareness instead of physical activity intervention.
    6. Discuss multiple reasons and make a report to show the change in the mental health related behavior of young adult viewers of social media in various regions around the globe.
    7. Investigate the nonparametric discovery of online communities related to mental health in light of latent sentiment topic modeling.
    8. Discuss and evaluate how digital media is causing depression and anxiety in children.
    9. Study the relation between social media and mental health to elaborate the social media effect on narcissistic personality in early adulthood.
    10. Find out how mental health is linked with the social media posts like black lives matter related content and analyze the level of activism in the digital age.
    11. Conduct a Conceptual and Empirical Meta-Analysis of Computer-Based Connections, Mental Health and Social Media.
    12. Assess the impact of excessive use of Social Media on the Mental Well-being and Health of Youngsters.
    13. Conduct a scoping review to explain the linkage between highly visual social media and a young person’s mental condition.
    14. Discuss the bright side of the use of Social media and its positive influence on Mental health.
    15. Examine how the day-to-day casual topics on social media are associated with mental distress of a state.

    Social Media Analytics Research Topics

    1. Discuss how Social Media Analytics is used as an instrument for cultural spaces as in the case of Twitter Trending topics.
    2.  Explain the procedure for developing a dashboard of social media analytics which is required for government agency crisis communications.
    3. Elaborate the role of algorithms in social media systems regarding the action inspection on social networks.
    4. Explain the Social Media Analytics in Advertising such as Winning Marathon Fans in Social Media Groups.
    5. Discuss the role of Social Media Analytics for end users’ anticipation management in information systems development projects.
    6. Evaluate By Utilizing Text Analytics on Toyota Social Media Pages the Outcome of Sentiments and  Topics on the Engagement of Social media.
    7. Explain how Social Media Analytics plays a part in Decision Support in Fashion Buying Processes.
    8. Using empirical studies of CYTraSS, discuss computational structure for businesses based on  social-media analytics and skill modeling.
    9. Conduct a preliminary study explaining Social Media Data Analytics for Tourism
    10. Using Systematic Mapping, discuss Social Media Visual Analytics for Emergency Management.
    11. Explain the utilization of social media analytic tools for the Super Bowl XLVI and the social media use for event management on a bigger scale.
    12. Explain the (SMART) Social Media Analytics and Research testbed by defining the human dynamics spatiotemporal patterns along with promotional social media messages.
    13. Investigate various challenges in discovering the topic, collecting and preparing the data for social media analytics
    14. Illustrate the challenges faced by social media analytics for the business field and benefits the businesses obtain through social media analytics.
    15. Discuss how the social media platform provides modern opportunities for social media analytics.

    Research Topics Related to Social Media Marketing

    1. Illustrate the influence of social media marketing on attitude, allegiance and retention of the customer in tourism industries in Malaysia.
    2. Discuss whether Social Media Marketing movements improve customer honesty by conducting experimental study of top fashion brands.
    3. Enlighten how Social and Digital Media Marketing is the booming Market Share for building SMEs.
    4. Highlight the productive Schemes in Social Media Marketing through analytic study of Branded Social motif and user Engagement.
    5. Conduct analysis of the Social Media Marketing Effects based on the admiration of brand posts on fan pages of the brand.
    6. Debate on setting the social and digital media marketing research future by shedding light on different perspectives and research propositions.
    7. Discuss the Social Media Marketing Strategy by emphasizing on its definition, conceptual contexts, taxonomy, assurance and forthcoming plans.
    8. Highlight the function of Trust in Realizing the Social Media Marketing Effects on Brand Loyalty and Brand Integrity.
    9. Discuss in detail the impact of distinguished social media marketing entities on customers and their brand understanding and brand engagement.
    10. Enlighten how Social Media Marketing affects Customer Behavior and its role in customer experience.
    11. Highlight the perceived social media marketing scheme and purchaser-based brand integrity.
    12. Highlight the success factors behind small and medium enterprises and the role played by social media in impacting the lens of empirical insights from India.
    13. Explain the effects of social media and digital marketing on the buying motive of Smes Food items.
    14. Conduct a study on present day issues and challenges faced by social media marketing.
    15. Conduct an in-depth analysis of how media and social media marketing has positively impacted the health sector.

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    Social Media Quantitative Research Topics

    1. Discuss how Data Acquisition and preparation can be attained through Sampling for Quantitative Social Science Research using Social Media Data.
    2. Conduct Analysis for Quantitative Social Science Research by considering Visualization techniques with the help of Social Media Data.
    3. Conduct quantitative research to collect empirical data in an online environment.
    4. Perform a quantitative assessment of social media related dilemma of conversation to examine the role of social media in communication crises and research from 2009 to 2017.
    5. Discuss the pros and cons of sharing social media data by highlighting past incidents, perspectives, ideals, and sensed behavior management
    6. Discuss the positive role of social media in facilitating festival tourism.
    7. Gauge and envision the research quality of social media and health research domain.
    8. Conduct a quantitative interview study on the adult percentage inclined to take up social media and email for peer to peer cancer screening communication.
    9. Explain the mapping of YouTube via quantitative research of an outlet media system.
    10. Investigate the factors involved that impact student’s behavior toward the usage of social media as a hiring instrument.
    11. Conduct a quantitative investigation and collect information through Twitter, news and surveys indicating the reaction of local and global media to Brexit.
    12. Assess event extraction by evaluating sentiment signals and burst structure in social media.
    13. Discuss how a quantitative study bridges the link between Business Process Management and Digital Innovation.
    14. Analyze city and district publics in social media as an entity of media research.
    15. Conduct an in-depth analysis of marketing communication metrics for social media.

    Qualitative Research Topics About Social Media

    1. Evaluate multiple ways of analyzing the social media data by combining qualitative and computational text analysis.
    2. Conduct a bibliometric analysis of the well being Field Social Networks and Young Person.
    3. Analyze the use of Qualitative Research on Youths’ Social media by giving a Literature Review.
    4. Find out the accessible choices  in dietetic use and research for the qualitative analysis of social networking websites.
    5. Discuss how social media platforms can be used for determining the most important outcomes of patients
    6. Find out mixed methods for analysis of social media data by combining the qualitative and computational text analysis.
    7. Conduct an inquiry of Weibo customers on Social Media as an example to describe the effect of Female Media knowledge on Female Media causing stress.
    8. Conduct qualitative study of social media discussion board to do research on reproductive decision making, genetic risk of bipolar disease
    9. Using the technique of Qualitative Research, describe the professional application of social media by pharmacists.
    10. Highlight the importance of information technology qualitative data analysis of social media for students and teachers  in lawful education.
    11. Using the Latent Dirichlet Allocation Model, talk about the trendy hashtags such as #BlackLivesMatter and #StopAsianHate by exploring and categorizing Twitter topics surfaced in online social media movements.
    12. Explain the dynamics of the network economy by conducting a content analysis of the search engine trends and then compare results with the help of clusters.
    13. Discuss in detail how a film project can be helpful in environmental education.
    14. Conduct a systematic review to show the Prevalence of Health false information on Social media platforms.
    15. Highlight the Ethical Use of Social Media in Facilitating Qualitative Research.

    Trends in Social Media Research Topics

    1. Trace the mode in viability and Social Media research with the help of Topic Modeling.
    2. Spot the topic trends and  research structure of social media with the help of dynamic and  static likelihood topic models.
    3. Conduct a Visual Analysis of knowledge mapping of government trust and social media research using CiteSpace.
    4. Analyze the social media research trends in Malaysia and evaluate three Malaysian vital communication journals.
    5. Use Mapping and Bibliometric analysis to discuss worldwide trends in research regarding social media in the field of psychology.
    6. Discuss in detail the Status Gradient of Trends in Social Media.
    7. Highlight the trends in Social Media viability and Research by using Topic Modeling.
    8. Shed light on the New Online Consumer Attitude on Social Media Platforms.
    9. Conduct an Evolution Analysis of Foreign Research Topics of Social Media
    10. Describe the ways Social Media analytics system adopts for action inspection on social networks.
    11. Highlight Smart Contract Development from the lens of the developers and topics and issues talked over on social media.
    12. Discuss the development and shift of research topics and techniques in library and information science.
    13. Investigate a Cloud-Based Dashboard for Time Series Analysis on trending topics from Social Media.
    14. Detect the most common and trendy News Topics and provide rank using social media factors.
    15. Conduct a detailed survey On the Concept of Drift Detection for Social Media.

    Research Topic about Social Media Effects on Teenagers

    1. Discuss the development of Digital Media Habits among teenagers and how to prevent it.
    2. Reflect on the rising concerns about the effects of use of Social Media on Teenagers and how they are taking it for granted.
    3. Conduct a scoping review of research in education and related fields highlighting the teenagers use of social media and how it influences their school life.
    4. Conduct an observational study in China based on social media comments,  shed light on buyers’ opinions towards the public well being impact of online games.
    5. Discuss the literature review about the part of social media in molding body image and diet sequence among children and teenagers contributing to #ChildhoodObesity.
    6. Highlight the commentary of Orben’s narrative review regarding the increased use of screens and social media among teenagers.
    7. Highlight the negative impact of social media by spreading awareness about the information of personality disorder through infographics for teens.
    8. Describe the impact of social media use on Health and Academic Performance among learners at the University of Sharjah.
    9. Evaluate the negative impact implying on body dissatisfaction and exercise motivation in both male and female genders by aspiring terms such as ‘fitspiration’ and pressure from social media in the UK?
    10. Discuss the challenges faced ahead in the way of youth’s progress regarding social media.
    11. Highlight the effects of social media interaction on self-esteem among learners in Public Secondary Schools in countries such as Nairobi and Kenya.
    12. Describe what Social media as a field of modern teenager’s Socialization can bring to the country, its individuals and society.
    13. Discuss the cons of excessive use of Social Media on Teenagers’ Mental Health.
    14. Conduct a study explaining the Effects of Social Media on Psychological and Physical Health in Youngsters of Thai.
    15. Investigate the positive and negative side of the impacts of social media on young people.

    Social Media Addiction Research Topics

    1. Describe the addiction effects of mobile, social media and the internet in a workplace.
    2. State a systematic review to describe the connection between social media application, its obsession and anxiety in teens.
    3. Highlight the negative Health Review of Mobile phones and Social media.
    4. Discuss how COVID-19 led to being more dependent on Social Media and Mobiles.
    5. Conduct a Twitter Data Case Analysis to explain the stance about Opioid Addicts.
    6. A Study on the Perception of Preliminary Early Childhood Teachers on Young Children’s Addiction to Media and its Alternatives.
    7. Conduct a comprehensive study on the thought process of Preliminary Early Childhood Teachers on kids addiction to Media and its Alternatives.
    8. Analyze possible motivations behind excessive use of Instagram and topics of interest among Young Adults.
    9. Emphasize the potential abusive moral, political and social significance in HCI of Mixed reality research.
    10. Discuss the alarming engagement in Problematic Online Activities round the clock on social media.
    11. Use the Bergen Social media addiction scale validity in a Romanian representative, conduct Network Analysis item response theory.
    12. Conduct objective research on the methods that can be used to crush social media addiction.
    13. Explore the relevancy of neuroscience on the rising different social behavior due to social media addiction.
    14. Investigate the psychology behind the digital age, how humans became electric.
    15. Conduct a study of topic networks in Opioid publications to examine the dissemination of science knowledge on Twitter.

    Experimental Research Topics About Social Media

    1. Discuss the relationship of Social Media on Cognitive Reflection and Conspiracy beliefs.
    2. Investigate on the Sentiment Analysis Model due to COVID-19 using Social media.
    3. Explore different world views of the stakeholders involved in understanding health care social media usage by conducting a content analysis of an online health community.
    4. Conduct a Research to generate a topic for chinese stocks implying a cognitively motivated with the help of Social media data.
    5. To investigate through Joint Pre-training Model on how sentiments are evolved in social networks.
    6. Use the Blended Research-Design approach, state a research on how to enhance informed consent for novel vaccines.
    7. Analyze Twitter Sentiments to trace sarcasm using textual and emoji features.
    8. Conduct an in depth analysis that effectively estimates social topic trends.
    9. Investigate the sentiments of Saudi Dialect with the help of Deep Learning Techniques.
    10. Keeping in view the case of the Roma Minority in Slovakia, state how to counter hate speech on Facebook.
    11. Conduct a research through social media to examine the outcomes of same-sex marriage after a span of 10 years.
    12. Conduct a research to predict stock market rates via a topic-based sentiment analysis using Weibo mood.
    13. Examine the Turkiye twitter data to know their position in the world perspective.
    14. Conduct experimental study to show how learning communities can develop through social media networks.
    15. Investigate how social and content structures are used for searching reliable information sources in multiple social media networks.

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