Marketing Research Paper Topics

List of Marketing Research Paper Topics according to branches
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    Are you searching for a well-thought marketing research topic that is distinctive enough to make your thesis stand out? Finding the perfect research topic related to marketing can be challenging!


    Being a marketing student in the present era, you have a plethora of resources at your disposal including the college library, the conventional way and the internet, the contemporary way. Accessing these resources can help you come up with creative marketing topics for project.


    If you are struggling where to start, begin by keeping yourself in the shoes of the reader, your target audience. Think about topics that would interest you as the reader of the said article, relevance is key.


    You may wonder what is the best topic for marketing? The topic that is the most relevant to your target audience and helps you connect with them is the best topic.


    Since marketing has such an extensive range of aspects, it gets challenging to find the perfect pick for your research analysis. Don’t worry, if you are reading this, the article is just the perfect savior for you!


    If you are still struggling and have not come up with a distinctive topic, we’ve compiled a list for you. You can pick and choose a topic of your liking from the list or you can take inspiration from these topics and come up with good marketing research topics of your own.


    This article outlines 15 marketing topics to write about that are unique in their own way. We have tried to cover trending niche topics regarding marketing research.


    While you are at it, make sure you meet up with your advisor on a regular basis to see if you are on the right track. Make use of all the help that you need. Keep a check on credible sources that will back your thesis.

    Marketing Research Paper Topics

    Controversial Marketing Topics

    1. The impact of controversial marketing on the Stock Price of Reputed Brands.
    2. Frontier Analysis and Future Prospect of Controversial Marketing.
    3. The Case of H&M: Discuss the Controversial Marketing Communications and Consumer Responses.
    4. Tourism Marketing: What are the negative effects of Controversial Slogans in the industry.
    5. Positive vs Negative Vibes: How does the mood affect consumer response to controversial marketing?
    6. Study the effects of marketing communication on controversial products in the Tobacco Industry.
    7. Discuss the controversies attached to marketing organic food online.
    8. What are the necessary steps that need to be taken towards effective CSR Communication in the Controversial Industry Sectors.
    9. Socially Responsible vs Controversial Marketing: How to Build Consumer Trust?
    10. Discuss the role of Marketing Communications in the Obesity Epidemic outlining complex and controversial causes.
    11. Study the clashing views on Controversial Issues in Marketing? Which side are you on?
    12. Study the Global Marketing Practices that created Controversies. How can they be avoided?
    13. Discuss the factors that influence the controversial marketing on Consumer Behavior.
    14. Analyze the controversial social marketing campaign in Russia that led to appeals in road safety marketing.
    15. Stealth Marketing: Discuss the numerous Apparitions and Controversial Strategies.

    Marketing Management Topics

    1. In the Era of Glamour, discuss the role of a Selfie and its implications in Marketing Management Practices.
    2. How does Marketing Management capability and Digital Technology help achieve growth in the SME sector?
    3. Discuss the impact of Loyalty Card adoption on Marketing Management in the SME sector.
    4. How can Social Media Network be used as an effective strategic tool for Organizational Marketing Management?
    5. How does Project Management and Marketing Management Influence project quality and effectively manage delays in the Construction Industry?
    6. Discuss the Marketing MAnagement strategies and Marketing Orientation of Food Producers.
    7. Investigate if Marketing Management and Service Management work effectively in Customer Relationship Management.
    8. Discuss the Marketing Management models used in theory and practice for Quantitative Marketing.
    9. Discuss how the emergence of Ethical Marketing Concept has affected Scientific Marketing Management.
    10. How can powerful Marketing Management of Departments help prevent Myopic Management?
    11. Discuss the implications of combining industrial buyer and seller strategies for Marketing Management and International Supply.
    12. Highlight the challenges and perspectives for a successful Marketing Management Support System.
    13. How does Marketing Management help enhance the role of Artificial Intelligence and Personalized Engagement?
    14. Analyze the implications of Destination Marketing Management in the Tourism Industry.
    15. Discuss Data Mining Techniques for Marketing Sales Management and Customer Relationship Management.

    Marketing Strategy Topics

    1. Discuss the role of International Marketing Strategy in New Market Export Business.
    2. What is the role of Digital Marketing Strategy in Integrating Online Marketing?      
    3. Analyze how Inbound Marketing is a fundamental Digital Marketing Strategy.
    4. Discuss The Correlation between Marketing Strategy, Business Performance, Consumer Behaviour and Customer Satisfaction.
    5. Investigate the Empirical Link of Marketing Strategy with Performance Relationship in the Export Market.
    6. Discuss the best Marketing Strategy Planning approach outlining the essentials of Marketing.
    7. Discuss the connection between Marketing and Packaging and its role in influencing Marketing Strategy.
    8. Investigate the role of Strategic Flexibility that follows Equity Offerings and Firm Value with an aggressive Marketing Strategy Approach.
    9. Analyze the Literature Review to understand Sustainability in Marketing Strategy.
    10. How can Marketing Strategy aid in overcoming a lag in the Development of Economic Systems.
    11. Discuss the relationship of Customers and Entrepreneurs with nascent firms’ Marketing Strategy.
    12. Discuss Cause-Related Marketing by co-aligning Marketing Strategy and Corporate Philanthropy.
    13. Discuss the role of Environmental Culture in Green Marketing Strategy and the Performance of the Firm.
    14. Develop a Semiglobal Marketing Strategy outlining Convergence and Divergence.
    15. Investigate the role of Marketing Strategy in Customer Involvement and Product Development.

    Brand Marketing Topics

    1. Discuss the factors that create a strong bond between Brand Awareness and Repeat Purchases.
    2. Discuss the strategies that help improve Brand Performance and Company Reputation.
    3. What role does Brand Personality play in Purchase Decisions?
    4. How does Brand Reputation make an impactful and lasting First-impression?
    5. Is it possible to build a Company Brand Image via Guest Blogging?
    6. Discuss the relationship of Brand personality and Brand Identification with Brand Loyalty.
    7. What is the role of Brand Attachment in Emotionally Connecting with Targeted Consumers?
    8. How does unethical Company Behavior affect the Brand Attachment Of Consumers?
    9. What are the brand marketing tactics that would aid in Consumers Switching to the competitor brand?
    10. What are the components of Brand Credibility that drives Customer Loyalty?
    11. How does Brand Extensions impact the Brand Personality?
    12. Gather evidence from mobile phone users about how Brand Marketing Programs lead to Consumer Loyalty.
    13. How has luxury Brand Marketing has impacted Consumer Engagement on Facebook?
    14. How has Brand Marketing through Instagram Influencers has affected the number of followers and Product Divergence on Brand Attitude?
    15. Does Consumer Based Brand Equity and Sales Based Brand Equity align with Brand Marketing mix?

    Consumer Behavior Marketing Research Topics

    1. How important is it to study consumer behavior when you are planning to expand your business in a foreign country?
    2. How does the marital status of a woman impact their buying behavior?
    3. Do advertisements influence consumer behavior?
    4. The bigger the brand, the better the quality? True or False?
    5. What are the marketing challenges faced by a family owned business?
    6. Do customers actually pay attention to product labels when buying products?
    7. How can a business incorporate standardization with respect to global marketing?
    8. Does augmented reality play a role in influencing consumer behavior?
    9. Analysis of the consumer buying behavior of Coca Cola.
    10. What are the factors that influence consumer buying behavior when comparing products online?
    11. How do Black Friday Sales influence consumer behavior?
    12. What are the consumer behavior factors that drive Convergence and Divergence?
    13. How do Technological Advancements impact Consumer Behavior?
    14. How to integrate new products that affect consumer behavior and consumer lifestyle?
    15. Are sensory marketing techniques and consumer buying behavior interconnected?

    International Marketing Research Paper Topics

    1. Discuss the effectiveness of Partial Least Squares Path Modeling in International Marketing.
    2. Rethink International Marketing in terms of Borderless Media.
    3. Discuss conceptualization and research factors adding to International Marketing Agility.
    4. How has International Marketing evolved in the Digital Era?
    5. Discuss the role of International Marketing in the New and Emerging Market of Exporting firms.
    6. Study the Interface of International Marketing and Entrepreneurship.
    7. A Literature Review of International Marketing Ethics.
    8. Discuss the key Driving Factors that drive the International Marketing Channels.
    9. Discuss the implications of International Marketing Strategy with respect to social media and the digital era.
    10. Study International Marketing in Developing Countries both in theory and practice.
    11. Discuss the implications of Cross Cultural Research in International Marketing.
    12. Study two decades of IMR exploring the role of qualitative research in International Marketing.
    13. Assess the challenges that are faced by small and medium enterprises to meet the International Marketing Standards.
    14. Conduct a bibliometric analysis using multi-method to understand the knowledge structure in International Marketing.
    15. Review and suggest future implications of Transaction Cost Economics in International Marketing.

    Marketing Analytics Topics

    1. Discuss the LSTM Response Model in light of Direct Marketing Analytics that would replace Feature Engineering with extensive learning.
    2. Highlight the implications of Marketing Analytics and Public Policy in the Health Care System.
    3. Analyze how Traditional Marketing Analytics add to the success of New Product Development.
    4. Discuss the relationship and future prospect of Marketing Analytics and Public Policy.
    5. Identify how configurational conditions for Marketing Analytics are used in the SME sector.
    6. Discuss the role of Social Media Marketing and Facebook Marketing Analytics in Today’s era.
    7. Taking a Consumer Policy Perspective, discuss the implications of Marketing Analytics.
    8. Discuss how Customer Linking Marketing Capabilities are enhanced using Marketing Analytics.
    9. Discuss the taxonomy of Marketing Attribution by bridging Big Data Marketing Analytics and Marketing Theory.
    10. Investigate the important Marketing Analytics factors that can be used for better Customer Engagement.
    11. Analyze a Practice Informed Model outlining Marketing Analytics Capability in Marketing Education.
    12. Combine Field Experimentation and Empirical Models with Big Data and Marketing Analytics in Gaming.
    13. Discuss the effectiveness of Marketing Analytics in enhancing the competitive marketing performance in a data rich business environment.
    14. Identify factors that create highly analytical marketing practices with respect to Marketing Analytics Orientation.
    15. How can leveraging Marketing Analytics improve the performance of a firm?

    Marketing Plan Topics

    1. Highlight the factors that add to an effective social marketing plan for Health Promotion.
    2. The impact of globalization on Tesla Motors: Conduct a Marketing Plan Analysis
    3. Discuss how a Marketing Plan can compete for Experiential Learning.
    4. Discuss the role of a Marketing Plan in an Academic Library.
    5. What disciplines and approaches should be considered to make a Marketing Plan a success?
    6. A guide to devise a Marketing Plan that reaches the Consumer Market.
    7. Discuss the factors necessary to implement a Marketing Plan effectively for Religious Organizations.
    8. How do Behavioral Problems and Analytical Techniques effect the credibility of a Marketing Plan?
    9. Discuss the key factors of a Winning Marketing Plan.
    10. How effective is word of mouth marketing when it comes to devising a Marketing Plan for the Online Communities?
    11. Is Blogging considered as a new play in the Marketing Game Plan?
    12. How to steer a Marketing Plan to market and sell high tech products to Mainstream Customers?
    13. Discuss how a Market Plan and the organizational structure affects the utilization of Credibility and Plan output.
    14. How to use a Marketing Plan as a key driving factor for Product Line Asset Development?
    15. Discuss the challenges faced while preparing a Marketing Plan for the information age.

    Online Marketing Topics

    1. Has the consumer adapted to the trend of buying products online or do they prefer the traditional way?
    2. Top 10 trends in online marketing that are popular.
    3. What attributes does the consumer look for when buying products online?
    4. Traditional Marketing Strategies vs Modern Marketing Strategies, which ones are more effective?
    5. What are the key factors that make content viral when advertising online?
    6. What was the effect of Google’s mobile first index on online marketing?
    7. Can a business succeed in marketing itself without opting for social media marketing?
    8. Why is competitor analysis important for your brand to succeed in the market?
    9. How does internet marketing effectively grow sales in American companies?
    10. Conduct an online marketing strategies assessment for the companies in the Airline and Entertainment Industry.
    11. Discuss the Benefits and Difficulties faced by Online Business Sellers.
    12. How to achieve Digital Excellence by using Planning, Optimizing and Integrating Online Marketing.
    13. Conduct an Empirical Investigation that discusses Service Quality, Satisfaction and Loyalty in Online Marketing.
    14. Compare and contrast the online marketing techniques followed by top food and beverage companies in five countries.
    15. Study the effects of online marketing on Integrated Marketing Communication.

    Network Marketing Research Paper Topics

    1. Is network marketing the same as the Pyramid Scheme?
    2. How can a business make money by joining a Network Marketing Program?
    3. Network Marketing: Devise a Digital Wallet that caters to your Web3 needs.
    4. How does social network marketing impact the Consumer Purchase Intentions in a country?
    5. Analyze how are Social Network Marketing Strategy and SME strategy benefits connected?
    6. How to develop Network Marketing through Buzz Marketing Strategy?
    7. Research of creative ways of Network Marketing in E-Commerce.
    8. Conduct a thorough Network Marketing Analysis on Green Consumption.
    9. Analyze the key factors involved in making Network Marketing devising a New Business Model that links business model Research and Marketing.
    10. Use the Systems Dynamic Model to study the structure of Network Marketing in firms.
    11. Discuss the scope of Netnography and the role of social media in Network Marketing.
    12. Discuss if Network Marketing is an effective model for the Businesses that are Family Owned.
    13. Define the role of Social Network Marketing in enhancing the level of Student Engagement.
    14. Conduct a study on Female Apparel and discuss how Social Network Marketing influences the Purchase Intention.
    15. Highlight effective Marketing Strategies in Marketing and Sales of Technologically Advanced products in Micro Firms.

    Marketing Training Topics

    1. Devise a Competency Model that is based on enhancing the Marketing Training Process Design.
    2. What is the perception of employers regarding competencies that are acquired through Academic Marketing Training in a knowledge based economy.
    3. How does the education level and On The Job Marketing Training affect innovation in Emerging Markets?
    4. Discuss how Mindful Marketing Training enhances the well being of Employees.
    5. Does Mindful Marketing Training help reduce the Stress Level at Work?
    6. Discuss pathways to profit and how Marketing Training and Finance Skills impact Business Performance.
    7. How do Research & Development, Marketing Training and Accessibility to Finance contribute to the betterment of a transitioning country such as Vietnam?
    8. How to incorporate diversity and include all the people in the teaching and learning process of Marketing Training?
    9. What role does Marketing Training and Individual Environment Association play in elevating the Value of a customer?
    10. Discuss the cross functional coordination mechanics improves the relationship between Sales and Marketing Training.
    11. How to bridge the gap between Marketing Education and Practice via Marketing Training?
    12. Take the Full Funnel Approach to enhance Customer Engagement with Marketing Training.
    13. How to manage Difficult Conversations and Challenging Scenarios with Marketing Training?
    14. How does Marketing Training enhance the role of Cultural Intelligence in Export Performance and Market Adaptation?
    15. How to incorporate Game Mechanics in Engineering Education by Marketing Training?

    Marketing Webinar Topics

    1. Discuss how Marketing Webinar captures and maintains the level of Engagement amongst students.
    2. How to use Webinar Marketing to make money online with Affiliate Marketing?
    3. How to use Webinar Marketing to extend Search Engine Marketing Tips to Compete with the Industry Giants?
    4. Discuss how Webinar Marketing serves as an essential tool in the advancement of Educational Services.
    5. How does Interactive Marketing Webinar emphasizes Grain Storage and Marketing Issues?
    6. What role did Marketing Webinar played in the Entrepreneurship  Development Program with respect to branding and marketing during the Pandemic?
    7. How do Marketing Webinar tools influence Customer Relationship Management?
    8. How effective is Marketing Webinar to get through the Noise and extend what the contractors want to potential clients?
    9. Discuss the role of Marketing Webinar in co-operative identity and branding of a product. Does the former attract people?
    10. Discuss the most prominent themes with Marketing Webinar in emerging markets.
    11. Discuss the convergence of  marketing and  sustainability by using Webinar Marketing to respond to a New World.
    12. Highlight the role of insight, impact and research on Marketing Webinar during the Pandemics.
    13. Reimagining Marketing Strategy with Marketing Webinar to drive the debate on New Challenges.
    14. How do face to face instructions in a Marketing Webinar help instill learning and satisfaction?
    15. How does Marketing Webinar drive growth with Customer Journey Mapping?

    Sports Marketing Topics

    1. Highlight strategies that the Sports Teams can use to Strengthen Fan Loyalty.
    2. Discuss ways on how to capitalize on the emerging opportunities in Sports Marketing.
    3. Discuss Sports Marketing Techniques that can be used to capitalize the wearables market in the Sports Industry.
    4. How does collaborating Sports MArketing with Celebrity Player Endorsements increase ROI for Football Clubs?
    5. Conduct a Field Study of how Sports Marketing impacts the Performance of Sports Institutions.
    6. Highlight the Contemporary Issues faced by Sports Marketing in the Past, Present and Future.
    7. What is the role of Sports Sponsorship and Brand Management in Sports Marketing worldwide?
    8. Discuss the effective Sports Marketing Strategies used by Zimbabwean Collegiate Sports Federations.
    9. How does Social Media Strategy and the internet impact Sports Marketing?
    10. Discuss the upcoming trends in Sports Marketing with respect to Technological Advancements.
    11. Assess the effect of Sports Marketing on Stock Returns.
    12. Devise a Conceptual Model for effective Sports Marketing in Nigeria.
    13. How can Sports Marketing be used to market Food and Beverages to the youth?
    14. Analyze modern Sports Marketing post Olympic Era.
    15. How does Cause Related Sports Marketing affect the Rival Team?

    Sales and Marketing Research Topics

    1. Sales and Marketing tactics used by the Pharmaceutical industry while maintaining the ethics.
    2. Can proper sales and marketing strategies influence impulse buying in consumers?
    3. How do Black Friday sales and marketing techniques benefit the gross profit of a company?
    4. Discuss the relationship between marketing research, business sales and customer knowledge.
    5. How does recession affect the sales and marketing strategies of numerous industries?
    6. How have Sales and Marketing evolved post the Covid 19 crisis?
    7. What are the challenges faced with Sales and Marketing of Electronic Cigarettes?
    8. How to integrate Sales and Marketing of a business to increase competitiveness and sustaining performance?
    9. Using voyant tools, investigate the Sales and Marketing interface with respect to Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis.
    10. Discuss the Data Mining techniques for Customer Relations, Sales and Marketing.
    11. Taking the Social Identity Approach, discuss the sales-marketing integration gap.
    12. Conduct Qualitative Research on Sales and Marketing keeping  view of the Artificial Intelligence era.
    13. Discuss the role and importance of an Organizational Structure required to collaborate between Sales and Marketing.
    14. Examine the contingent role of country-market characteristics with respect to the Marketing Mix and Brand Sales in the International Market.
    15. Discuss how Sales and Marketing help a business with Strategic Alignment and Functional Implementation.

    Business Marketing Topics

    1. Elaborate on some of the most effective collaborative Business Marketing Strategies during the Pandemic Crisis (Covid19).
    2. Discuss the role of Brand Orientation in Business to Business Marketing that helps in enhancing the firm’s performance.
    3. Analyze how business marketers will learn from neuro-marketing through Business Marketing.
    4. Conduct a thorough analysis of Business Marketing Theory vs Business Marketing Practice.
    5. Are Business Marketing and Finance Skills a roadmap to profitable business performance?
    6. Conduct a citation and co-citation analysis of the Structure and Evolution of Business Marketing.
    7. Discuss the challenges faced by Business Marketing while transitioning from Traditional to Digital.
    8. Analyze the evolution of Strategic Sales Organizations in Business Marketing.
    9. How does dispersion of marketing capabilities impact the Business Marketing and Business Unit Outcomes?
    10. Discuss numerous Business Models and their relationship with Business Marketing.
    11. Discuss a multidisciplinary perspective with reference to the future of technology and marketing.
    12. How does Business Marketing Strategy apply to Student Retention in the Education Sector?
    13. Define the role of References in Business Marketing, a step towards Normative Theory of Referencing.
    14. Discuss the International Perspective of managing Business Marketing and Sales.
    15. Benchmark Business Marketing Practices in emerging and developed economies, a comparison of Argentina and the USA.

    Capital Market Topics

    1. Discuss the workings of capital management in manufacturing companies.
    2. Discuss the mechanics of cash management and receivables management in selective Banks.
    3. How do manufacturing companies and trading companies do inventory management?
    4. Study the stock exchange and stock market analysis is selective companies.
    5. Compare different online stock markets and come up with a comparative stock market analysis.
    6. In depth analysis of financial performance in banks and insurance companies.
    7. Discuss the importance of portfolio plans amongst investors.
    8. Discuss the Mutual Fund performance of top 5 companies.
    9. Conduct a study on the credit card system of the top 3 banks and how it impacts the society.
    10. Perform an empirical study on the Indian economy and its global impacts with reference to one or more industries.
    11. Study and compare the trending top two Insurance companies.
    12. Conduct a detailed analysis of the state budget and its effects on industries and individuals.
    13. Discuss the significance and mechanics of Risk analysis in mutual fund companies.
    14. In depth analysis of the attitude of investors bonds, deposits and post office savings.
    15. What is the common public opinion about using the Banking Financial Instruments?

    Contemporary Topics In Marketing

    1. Importance of development and execution of investment banking in the financial markets.
    2. How does performance management influence large companies that are more diverse in nature?
    3. Does gender influence the startup of a business?
    4. What are the conventional marketing business techniques that fit into the modern world today?
    5. How does advancement in Information Technology affect Supply Chain Management?
    6. How can a smartphone be used to understand the thought process of the consumer?
    7. Does advertisement and application of humor go hand in hand?
    8. Discuss in detail the importance of understanding consumer behavior in a foreign business.
    9. Instagram or Facebook, which has a better future as a marketing platform?
    10. Are women’s sentiments important when dealing with comparison marketing?
    11. Would the consumers prefer buying routine groceries in an online store?
    12. What is the role of augmented reality in enhancing the marketing experiences?
    13. How to create a compelling marketing campaign in ten steps?
    14. Do people like being click baited into sponsored posts?
    15. Direct Marketing vs Indirect Marketing: Which one is more effective?

    Current Marketing Research Paper Topics

    1. 10 common graphic design mistakes that the companies fail to recognize when marketing their products. 
    2. YouTube videos vs Television ads, which are more engaging?
    3. What are the chances that immersion marketing through VR technology will be approved?
    4. How does social media affect and enhance the SEO ranking?
    5. Tips and tricks to increase subscribers for your blog in the fastest way possible.
    6. What are the most efficient ways of capitalizing on the wearables market?
    7. Top SEO strategies that would increase traffic on your website.
    8. How to utilize global event marketing to create brand awareness?
    9. What are gray SEO techniques? Are they safe to use?
    10. Exploring differences in marketing strategies that exist across cultures.
    11. What are the harmful effects of advertisements on kids?
    12. Netflix vs Uber: which one has a better market entry strategy?
    13. What is the survival rate of a business without social media marketing?
    14. What are some of the most effective social media marketing techniques that helped break a strong monopoly?
    15. Influencer marketing is trending, is it the most powerful form of marketing?

    Email Marketing Topics

    1. What role does Email Marketing Play in improving Customer Retention Rates?
    2. Discuss the effectiveness of Email Marketing that is triggered in addressing Browse Abandonments.
    3. Study the use of Email Marketing and related Communication Methods in the health and medicine industry to engage patients.
    4. Discuss the role of non-informative advertising in Email Marketing Personalization.
    5. What are the main factors that drive the Open Rate of Email Marketing Campaigns?
    6. An Empirical Study: What are the effects of Email Marketing on Consumers Online Buying Behavior in a Developing Country?
    7. Investigate the cross media effect in a Multichannel Marketing Environment and the role of television, catalog, email and radio.
    8. Can Visual Stimuli be used to boost Email Marketing and influence Customer Engagement.
    9. Discuss the Strategies used in Email Marketing that help in consumer persuasion.
    10. Study the Fashion Industry to the impact of email marketing campaign on e-commerce.
    11. What are the post-stay implications of Email Marketing in the Hotel Industry?
    12. Discuss the effects of Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing on Exploratory Information Seeking Behavior of the consumers.
    13. Study some of the most important Theoretical Approaches that fit best practically in running successful Email Marketing Campaigns.
    14. How does the tobacco industry use email marketing to reach consumers?
    15. Compare Mobile Marketing vs Email Marketing using the AIDA Model.

    B2B Marketing Topics

    1. Discuss the key differences between B2C and B2B Marketing Strategies.
    2. What are the Best Practices in B2B Marketing Campaigns?
    3. Every Second Counts: A Discussion on the Case Study of IBMs B2B Marketing Strategy.
    4. Discuss what are the best Social Media Platforms to use for B2B Marketing?
    5. What is the role of B2B marketing in attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones?
    6. B2B Marketing: A Surge in Digital Activity?
    7. B2B Marketing and its impact on the performance of the firm.
    8. What are the research priorities for the BB Marketing Researchers?
    9. An Exploratory Study: Using Social Media in B2B Marketing and Branding.
    10. Evolving Needs of the Buyers: How should B2B companies change the way they communicate?
    11. A Marketing Manager’s Perspective: How and Why Social Media is used in B2B Marketing?
    12. A study of Effectiveness and Branding in the context of B2B Marketing.
    13. Discuss The Future Of B2B Marketing Theory: A historical and prospective analysis.
    14. Reflections and Search For Solutions: The Theory Practice Gap in B2B Marketing
    15. Directions For Future Research: Setting up B2B Digital Marketing in Artificial Intelligence

    Affiliate Marketing Topics

    1. How to find profitable niches in affiliate marketing?
    2. Is affiliate marketing a type of digital marketing? Why?
    3. How to get the consumer interested in what you market?
    4. Analyze the effect of consumer behavior with the m-commerce perspective.
    5. A conceptual approach to the role played by affiliate marketing in the digital space.
    6. An overview of affiliate marketing in terms of emerging literature.
    7. The moderating effect of developmental culture of affiliate marketing in SMEs.
    8. A conceptual analysis of factors that influence the intention to use affiliate marketing.
    9. Analyze the network and revenue of an affiliate marketing program in the travel industry.
    10. How has digital marketing evolved? Conduct bibliometric analysis on the scopus database.
    11. How do information design and affiliate marketing go hand in hand?
    12. Discuss affiliate marketing and its impact on e-commerce.
    13. A complexity approach to unintended consequences in the evolution of affiliate marketing networks.
    14. Concept and application analysis of affiliate internet marketing.
    15. How does online affiliate marketing networks impact the search engine rankings?

    Content Marketing Topics

    1. What are some of the most effective techniques to work with B2B Influencers?
    2. What preferences do executives have for business and industry content?
    3. What guest posting mistakes should you avoid to get your content published?
    4. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts: Content Marketing vs Native Advertising.
    5. How should you measure the ROI of the B2B content for marketing campaigns?
    6. How do statistics guide content marketing?
    7. How to explore sales prospects that benefit your marketing content?
    8. Does content led marketing campaigns drive positive results?
    9. What are the necessary steps that should be taken in account to make sure that the content is heading in the right direction?
    10. Brands marketing content on Social Media vs What customers want to see.
    11. Is guest blogging considered as a part of content marketing strategy?
    12. What is the significance of keywords in content marketing?
    13. What is the difference between B2C and B2B content marketing?
    14. Which is more important: Timely Content or Evergreen Content?
    15. How to incorporate big content into the content marketing plan?

    Marketing Research Paper Topics

    1. How can social media position a brand image in the minds of the consumer?
    2. Which attributes do consumers look for when making online comparisons?’
    3. Is social media the right platform to communicate the brand image?
    4. How impactful are the future marketing tactics?
    5. How to break a strong monopoly with strategic marketing approaches?
    6. How does internal branding affect employee retention and turnover?
    7. How much heed customers pay to nutrition labels?
    8. Is it possible to get away with substandard product quality using excellent marketing techniques?
    9. Do consumers find direct marketing overwhelming?
    10. What are the factors that help in connecting to the consumer emotionally?
    11. Is comparison advertising effective in building brand equity?
    12. What entices consumers to share positive content within their social circle?
    13. What are the factors that make the content go viral?
    14. What are the marketing challenges that a marketer should be mindful of?
    15. What is the role of augmented reality in enhancing the marketing experience?

    Digital Marketing Topics

    1. How high does customer satisfaction rank for a digital marketing agency?
      1. Customer satisfaction is a metric that reflects how happy a customer is with the provided product or service. It enables the company to determine how the consumer feels when he interacts with a certain brand. This research paper will discuss the high level of customer satisfaction that is attained by exceeding the expectations. Also, it would define how this high level of satisfaction is ranked for a digital marketing agency.
    2. How can numerous digital marketing strategies be utilized to increase return on investment?
      1. The research of this paper revolves around the digital marketing strategies that would help increase the ROI with strategies including monitoring the right ROI metrics, identifying different areas for improvement, creating content that is high in value, testing different offers, experimenting with new channels and leveraging marketing automation tools.
    3. Are Facebook analytics good for targeted marketing in the digital world?
      1. Facebook Analytics is an extensive tool that enables you to have a visual view of your sales, understand the values of the users and see how organic and paid strategies interact including viewing content, adding to cart, initiating checkout, purchasing and leading. This research paper is going to elaborate how effective Facebook Analytics is when it targets marketing in the digital world.
    4. How effective is Google DoubleClick when analyzing the launch of a new product?
      1. This research paper is inclined to gauge the success of Google DoubleClick over its competitors. One of the biggest challenges faced when launching a new product is pulling information, updating budgets, running advertising across numerous platforms and more. DoubleClick gathers all relevant data into one interface in an orderly manner.
    5. What are effective digitized social media strategies when it comes to online shopping?
      1. This paper is all about setting social media strategies to run an online business effectively. It includes goals set for the business, research for the customers as well as the competitors, choice of social media platforms, planning of content, and looking for ways to manage and grow the community effectively by making a good social media presence.
    6. Traditional marketing vs digital marketing, an analytical comparison in the digital era.
      1. Choosing the appropriate marketing strategy for the business is vital especially when the audience is diverse and educated, they know what they want from a brand. This research paper compares Digital Marketing which is cost-effective and more targeted in contrast to Traditional marketing which is more effectively used to reach a larger audience.
    7. What tools are effective in analyzing digital marketing competition?
      1. It is significant for you to analyze competition and there exists numerous tools that you can use to gauge that in the digital marketing world. The research paper includes tips where you need to identify your competitors, investigate them, set benchmarks, shortlist SEO tools to track the organic performance of the competitors, and map out challenges and opportunities using SWOT Analysis.
    8. How to gauge customer preferences with respect to coupon based promotional activities?
      1. This research will discuss the key metrics that are used to gauge the level of customer engagement and customer preferences with reference to the coupon based promotional activities. It includes four key metrics namely profits, volume of sales, customer satisfaction and achievement goals. These metrics help the businesses determine if their promotions were successful or not.
    9. Is blogging an effective medium to digitally market your brand?
      1. Blogging is a great way to digitally market your brand and this paper will talk about just that. All you need to do is create content that is packed with useful information. Make sure you keep your target audience in mind so that they connect to the content and keep coming back for more. Blogging is so amazing, it could pivot your digital marketing strategy and help the brand grow exponentially.
    10. Does retargeting customers with remarketing actually work?
      1. Absolutely yes! This research paper talks about how remarketing is worth the effort in order to execute a successful marketing campaign. Targeting the ones who have already interacted with your brand and got really close to a purchase gives a better chance of completing the sale rather than targeting those who have never interacted with your brand before.
    11. How do publicists strike a balance using Google Marketing Platform?
      1. This research paper talks about Google Marketing Platform, which is an integrated ad-technology platform that allows agencies and advertisers to create, manage and grow impactful digital marketing campaigns. It integrates world class solutions that help buyers to demonstrate holistic campaigns across numerous channels which helps them have a positive global image.
    12. What role does influencer endorsement play in digital marketing for customer acquisition?
      1. Influencer marketing enables you to generate more leads and expand your customer base. Depending on your product, you may want to partner up with respective influencers that would help nurture your campaign and brand image. This research paper talks about how the influencer endorsement can influence the digital marketing that helps acquire customers.
    13. Using more SEO tools guarantee customer satisfaction?
      1. This research is inclined towards knowing if using more SEO tools will enhance the brand and increase the level of satisfaction for customers. SEO is focused on keyword research and using it in the content, building links, improving technical factors and more. SEO is not only good for research rankings but it enhances the overall customer experience by optimizing the website content as per the internet users expectations.
    14. How has the digital marketing world evolved post pandemic?
      1. Digital marketing has evolved over time, for the better, to gain access to greater audiences, target larger markets and adapt the new forms of media along with latest strategic tools. This change reflects more focus on consumer based loyalty. However, everything changed when Covid 19 hit the world, this paper would reflect the changes made in the world of digital marketing post pandemic.
    15. What is the impact of digital marketing on the publishing industry?
      1. In today’s era, digital marketing strategies have enabled the writers and the readers to easily access one another through numerous digital channels such as Amazon, book reviews posted on Goodreads and gathering information from other social media platforms. This research paper would extend the impact of different digital marketing strategies on the publishing industry.

    Social Media Marketing Topics

    1. What makes social media an effective marketing tool?


    Social Media helps in adding value to the stakeholders in such a way that helps you to communicate quickly and with content that is more relatable. A satisfied customer will help in promoting a good word that would spread a positive brand image and attract new customers. This research paper entails how social media is an effective marketing tool to do just that!

    1. The merits and demerits of social media marketing.
      1. The paper outlines the biggest advantages of social media marketing including that the participation is free, there is no sign up cost. On the other hand, one of the biggest disadvantages is that publicity, good or bad, spreads like wildfire. One needs to be mindful of what is being promoted through social media marketing.
    2. How to make social media a part of PR and marketing strategy?

    In order to create a winning social media strategy is to set clear objectives and goals. Without proper goals set as benchmarks, there is no way to measure success. This research paper illustrates how to integrate PR into social media strategy, take the conversational approach and use social media in sharing press releases.

    1. What are the social media marketing techniques used for customer acquisition
    2. A customer acquisition strategy is a tool that helps the brands to increase their customer base by creating brand awareness. This paper defines a step by step process where you need to identify your target audience, find the appropriate platform and promote the brand by interacting with the audience.
    3. How does social media marketing affect the purchase intention of millennials?
      1. This research will show that social media marketing is a more effective method of marketing to Gen Z than the traditional method. Factors such as entertainment, interactivity, informativeness and perceived relevance have a very positive impact on the purchase intention of the consumers.
    4. Traditional Media Marketing vs Social Media Marketing, which is more effective?
      1. Traditional marketing has its own benefits and a valid strategy that enables a boost in sales, social media marketing is better in terms of longer tenures and they deliver results quickly. The paper outlines that social media marketing on the other hand takes the upper hand mostly since it’s a two-way communication platform unlike the traditional marketing approach.
    5. How does social media marketing impact the operations of a business?
      1. Social media marketing offers the company a platform to interact with their customer base, build or improve the relationship. Using the tips you can make social media marketing a significant part of the digital marketing, it eliminates the middlemen and makes the communication direct with the brand and the customer.
    6. The dependency of niche businesses on social media marketing.
      1. Niche marketing helps businesses build on customer loyalty. The niche communities are filled with opportunity, primarily because they are the kind of groups people join quickly. They are eager to get in touch with like minded people and jump at the opportunity when provided with one. This research paper outlines how dependency on social media marketing can be beneficial.
    7. How can you make more money using social media marketing?
      1. Social media is an excellent medium to make money as a brand, be it yourself or a product that you are offering. This research shows while it was previously only used for promoting your products, social media marketing has now elevated to a whole new level of a commerce place with such advanced features.
    8. How to successfully implement social media marketing strategies in a small business?
      1. It’s a step by step process which begins with creating a strategy for each platform, being consistent in posting on that platform, creating interesting and engaging content, engaging the audience and finally tracking and analyzing the metrics. This research paper shows how you can advertise your business directly to the consumer.
    9. What are some of the best yet free tools for social media marketing?
      1. Social media marketing is time consuming. This research paper shows that posting on social media, reviewing the analytics for different platforms and handling different aspects of social media marketing can be a handful. This is primarily the reason why social media management tools are high in demand.
    10. Is social media marketing redefining the roles of search engines?
      1. Social media marketing and search engine marketing are two distinctive forms of marketing both having their set of advantages and disadvantages. A business requires both of these marketing strategies to be successful. This paper talks about how social media marketing has been extremely successful in connecting with the target audience.
    11. How do social media marketing enhance the customer relationship capabilities and improve company performance?
      1. This research is inclined towards companies that use social media activity that can increase customer awareness of their brand and build a good repute simultaneously. The use of social media demonstrates a moderating role and amplifies the positive impact on the customer relationship capabilities. Social media tools help firms to know who is having the most conversations about your brand so you can touch base and build a relationship with them.
    12. How to use digital marketing research proposals to measure the characteristics of an effective social media marketing campaign?
      1. Key performance indicators should be analyzed that include the information coming in from different sources such as page views, inbound links, SEO, bounce rate and unique visitors. The research paper defines these factors that serve as primary KPIs used to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing by the analytics.
    13. What are the reasons behind the rising trends of social media marketing?
      This research paper talks about updating the social media marketing strategy in the right way will result in increased traffic, better brand loyalty, improved SEO, increase in customer satisfaction and more. The competition is fierce these days and is increasing by the day. Don’t let them take away our potential customers, keep your social media marketing top of the game.

    This article has a list of distinctive marketing topics for students that they can use to write their thesis.


    When you start exploring the internet you will come across several hot topics in marketing that can be used as marketing topics for dissertation.  The internet is flooded with such topics which makes it challenging to come up with a topic of your liking.


    Take your time to skim through top marketing topics and see which one intrigues you enough to write a full fledged paper on it. Make a list of topics and then go through them individually to select one.


    It is always better to brainstorm and go through a list of topics to make the final choice instead of going with the one that pops up on your mind first. Its going to take time, so be patient.


    When searching for the perfect marketing topics for mba project or marketing research topics for undergraduates make sure you are equipped with sufficient information.


    Next, start with making an outline of the marketing topics to discuss which would serve as a guideline to your research paper.


    You should choose marketing topics for presentation that are realistic. A research paper is written differently when compared to an essay. You ought to have a proper direction and cannot just throw in ideas here and there. It should be well structured, backed by facts.


    Also, you can support your facts with relevant references and examples. This is only possible if you have thoroughly researched your marketing topics to learn more and more about them.


    Hopefully, you would now be in a position to select a topic of your liking or better yet come up with a version of your own for the research paper. If you still feel confused in picking a topic, then we would suggest taking help from your advisor.

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