Corporate Finance Research Topics

The success of a research study highly depends upon the selection of unique research topic that highlights the contemporary issues as well as enlightens scientific knowledge in the field of study. Students struggle and spend a great time in choosing a good research topic or deciding about the contemporary thesis subject to earn extra points as well as attracting the readers for further project study. Finding a trending topic for the research project requires the researchers to explore the area or field which has not been explored yet. The article has highlighted some of the simple and applied corporate finance research topics to write thesis, research papers as well as dissertations.

The research topics for research in finance must be decided with the following goals in mind;

        Understanding the models and working practices in corporate finance along with its implications

        Identifying the research gaps in corporate finance in the current literature

        Developing interesting research questions to study the aspects of financial decision making in the organisations

The research projects in corporate finance basically analyse the liaison between the business firms and capital markets. Basically corporate finance refers to the transaction, activities and processes involved to raise capital to create and operate the business smoothly.  Research work in corporate finance basically involves the thesis or research project which critically analyse the financial decisions of the firms which bring monetary or financial impact.

1.     Corporate bonds: The economic source of financing the organisation

2.     Firm capital structure: The impact of debt financing on the dividend policy of the organisation

3.      Impact of capital structure on the future investment decisions of the organisation

4.     Capital structure, liquidity and value of the firm

5.     Impact of capital structure of firm on its growth opportunities and competitiveness

6.     Does risk management impact the capital structure and investment decisions of the firm?

7.     How changing market conditions impact the corporate financing decisions of the firm?

8.     Impact of high interest rate on the debt financing and liquidity position

9.     Influence of shareholders on the financing decisions of the organisation

10.  Impact of increased debt financing on the ownership decisions of the firm

11.  Unstable Stock markets: Understanding the impact of unstable stock markets on corporate finance decisions

12.  How capital structure and ownership preferences influence operations’ funding decision

13.  Relationship of financial stability of the organisation and increased need of financing the operations

14.  Tax structure and its influence on corporate financing decisions

15.  How technological revolution has influenced financial management of the organisations?

16.  Analysing the investment diversification in alternative investments

17.  Analysing the growing popularity of digital currency on stock markets and organisational investments

18.  Evaluation of secured and unsecured debt financing: A comprehensive review

19.  Effect of IPOs on the financial value and performance of the firms

20.  How macroeconomic factors impact the firms’ investment decisions?

1.     Debt financing or equity financing: How COVID-19 has changed the financing decisions of the contemporary organisations?

2.     Lessons learned from the pandemic in context of debt financing

3.     Political instability: The role of sustainable political environment of financing decisions of the organisation

4.     Equity Capital: How inefficient financial markets create meaningful impact on the equity financing

5.     Financial reporting standards: Analysing the role of reporting standards on the capital structure and financing decisions

6.     Fluctuating stock markets and emergent needs to make working capital decisions

7.     Risky financial institutions, unstable stock market and capital structure of the firm

8.     Crypto currency and undermined investments in the stock markets

9.     Financial instruments: Emerging financial instruments and involved risk factors

10.  Firm capital structure: Debt financing strategies adopted by start-up firms to survive and grow

11.  Macroeconomic factors: How SMEs are affected by the macroeconomic factors in their choice of debt/equity financing?

12.  How current financial crisis has impacted the firm capital structure choices in Asian markets?

13.  Influence of information asymmetries on stock market performance of the firm

14.  Analysing the prevalent trends of financial innovation in UK market

15.  Global Financial crisis: Critical role of stock market and shareholders

16.  Mergers and acquisitions: Determination of the factors which leads to overpaying for bad acquisitions

17.  Corporate finance: Ethical concerns of investors and creditors and its possible solutions

18.  Tax Saving Strategies: A critical analysis of various investments for saving taxes

19.  Budget Control: Analysis of the strategic measures taken by the firms in contemporary environment

20.  Mergers and acquisitions: Impact on firm value and financial stability

1.     Pricing decisions of hybrid securities in the secondary markets to raise capital

2.     The growing role of financial technology in facilitating financing decisions

3.     Working capital trends: Impact of financial environment on the short-term and long-term investment needs

4.     The use of options as a strategy to cost-effectively finance corporate debt

5.     Liquidity preferences: A detailed analysis of significance of liquidity position of the firm over corporate decisions

6.     Investment risk and Company value: Analysing the hurdle rate of the corporations on its financial value

7.     How Capital structure and leverage impacts the dividend policy of the corporations?

8.     How firms use debt financing decisions in boosting investment performance?

9.     Portfolio Management: investigating the effects of portfolio financing strategy on the value and growth of start-up firms

10.  Economic instability: How firms are changing its working capital management with financial crisis?

11.  Impact of financial shocks of COVID-19 on the long-term investment decisions of Multinationals

12.  How green financial policy links with debt-financing costs of the organisations?

13.   Raising equity capital in emerging markets of Asia

14.  Impact of lending criteria of financial institutions and  organisational preferences for debt financing

15.  How speculations destabilise the stock markets and share value

16.  How liquidity analyses help the firms in lowering its financial risks?

17.  Corporate organisations: how independent audit impacts the organisational accountability and transparency

18.  The evaluation of financial assets as investments and equity trading preference.

19.  Strategies to minimize the potential risks faced by equity investors

20.  Bad debts: Credit management by the organisations in UK

1.     Global financial crisis and instability of stock market

2.     Role of speculation on the stability of banking sector in Asian markets

3.     Financial stability and its relationship with effective corporate governance

4.     How businesses ensure corporate transparency in the financial decisions

5.     Analysing the changing approach of financial decisions in the unstable stock markets

6.     The importance of stock markets in facilitating IPOs and equity financing

7.     Investigating the role of financial instruments’ lifecycle on firms financing decisions

8.     Role and impact of government invention on the volatility of financial markets globally

9.     Volatile financial markets and its relationship with monetary policy of the respective nation

10.  Financial instability and rising financial management challenges of multinationals

11.  Legal protection of investors and firm capital structure

12.  Firm liquidity policies: influence of liquidity preferences on firm capital structure

13.  Does persistence in capital structure decisions links with liquidity structure choices?

14.  Diversification in financial instruments and its effect on firms performance

15.  Analysing the corporate risk taking approaches on choices of capital structure

16.  Influence of corporate governance on financial activities and decisions of the firm

17.  Market risks and fluctuating weighted average cost of capital

18.  How life of institution determines its choices of capital structure

19.  Mutual funds: a safe investment choice for SMEs

20.  How equity investors face risk of fluctuating interest rate?

21.  A critical Analysis of working capital management

22.  The investors perspective and their role in deciding capital structure of the firm

23.  Mutual funds and investments: A critical analysis of its various streams

24.  Leverage and credit payments: How destabilised economies impact the organisational capability for making debt payments?

25.  Impact of COVID-19 on private equity by the firms

26.  Returns on investments: Do long-term returns are more preferred by the SMEs against short-term benefits?

27.  Investment in emerging markets and long-run returns

28.  Private equity: Should contemporary firms opt for private equity to minimise interest rate risks?

29.  Crowd funding: Is it a sustainable approach to promote entrepreneurship?

30.  Sustainable society: Role of crowd funding in promoting sustainable finance

31.  Economic growth and its relationship with income taxation

32.  Effective risk management strategies during privatization

33.  Infrastructure finance: Role of policy makers in overcoming the challenges of infrastructure finance

34.  Mergers and acquisitions: Motives of stakeholders and market response

35.  Mergers and acquisitions and its impacts on stock market performance of the firm

36.  Financial and institutional risks involved in mergers and acquisitions

37.  Corporate valuation: Strategies to protect investors’ interests

38.  Corporate valuation: How capital structure impacts the value of the firm

39.  Legal environment and its role in determining the capital structure of the firm

40.  Equity Markets and protection of investors’ rights

Dissertation projects in corporate finance crosses the boundaries between disciplines such as finance and management, entrepreneurship and strategies for working capital to explore literature on empirical corporate finance and getting a broader view of the financial aspects of decision making. The selection of the topic for any thesis or research project is at the core of writing research paper. The article has identified some of the popular research project topics in the field of corporate finance and you can select the most relevant topic for your research based on your understanding of the topic, objectives, and most importantly relevancy of the topic. It must be ensured to brainstorm and analyse some topics before finalizing the one which is relevant to the subject and research goals. Writing dissertation or thesis starts from a contemporary research topic and this article can help in deciding the one which suits the objectives and research goals.

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