31 Marketing Thesis Statements For Students

Discuss How Online Marketing Affects the Brand Image in Light of Insightful Differences Between Paid Search and Organic Search.

Online marketing provides a platform for the brand to interact with the customers and strengthen the bond, making online marketing a significant part of the digital marketing. Eliminating the middlemen, the brand and customer can have a clear communication.

This paper discusses how online marketing has evolved with time and has come up with strategies that help businesses thrive and make money from e-commerce platforms with both paid and organic searches.

By opting for organic search brands make use of SEO to optimize the visibility of their website and enhance the rankings. Pay per click on the other hand focuses on getting traffic from paid search on social media.

In this paper, you will get insight into the workings of both the mediums and decide which one would suit your business best.

Define How Brands Development is Enhanced with Digital Marketing, Green Marketing and CSR Policy.

In the marketing world, digital marketing, green marketing and CSR policy is considered amongst the emerging topics. But the major problem lies in scarce CSR policies and lack of development of green marketing.

This study is inclined to understand how brand development is enhanced with  digital marketing, green marketing as well as CSR policies. In order to find that out, researchers would be using the quantitative method to collect data with a close ended questionnaire.

Smart PLS and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) would be used to conduct the analysis which would reveal the impact green marketing has on the brand development.

Highlight Issues Faced by Engagement of Consumer Brand With Respect to Placement.

This study aims to highlight how Consumer Brand Engagement (CBE) is positioned with respect to marketing literature which would help contribute to a wider perspective.

Presently, several studies on the related topic overlap in the marketing literature because brand theory lacks systematic precision, especially with respect to the feelings of the consumer about brands and their part in building brand equity.

Qualitative research will be used for this empirical study where the problems and issues regarding specific affirmation of CBE in marketing literature would be identified. The study primarily focuses on finding a rationalization of the theory and devising an ideal system.

Understanding the Brand and the Significance of its Dimensions in the Marketing Management.

Importance of marketing and related topics is trending as if brand management has become an independent discipline.

In economic and strategic views, the brand holds value as a valuable asset. A brand is considered as an intangible asset that has room for growth and profitability in the longer run.

The concept of brand was introduced over a hundred years ago which has evolved with time. It was used to tell products apart with respect to different buyers, sellers, manufacturers and competitors.

This study will elaborate on the importance of the brand and its dimensions involving different views and perspectives.


How to Improve Social Media Marketing Strategy and Decisions Via Dependent Multi-Dimensional Formation of Opinions?

When talking about interesting topics in social media marketing is formation of opinion. This study defines an innovative way of forming opinion by a dependent multidimensional method.

This method focuses on numerous dependent opinions that includes modifying opinions about one aspect that can affect the opinion about another aspect. This sharing of opinions is done between agents who trust each other thus using a directed graph in modeling the trust network.

By using this algorithm in marketing, the opinions can be predicted and help create management reports that would facilitate the strategy and decision making. This prediction of opinion by the agent can be used to identify suitable products and match them to the right customers defining the best marketing strategy.

Discuss Emerging Applications and Theoretical Development in Digital and Social Media Marketing.

This paper discusses issues and implications of social and digital marketing in emerging markets that require significant adaptations of theories developed and approaches that are employed in the modern world.

The study is not only designed to highlight and investigate problems but also to identify innovative theoretical approaches and practical implications of digital marketing such as electronic word of mouth, demographic lags in digital marketing, mobile marketing and more.

Drastic increase of geographical reach is equipping the consumers to have an  influence on brands, products and services. Communication technologies speak greatly about how consumers express their social, emotional and materialistic needs.

A Study of Benefits and Barriers to Marketing in the Public Sector.

The economy globally has brought social and economic changes that have enabled the organizations to extend their vision to a great extent, beyond consumer and business markets.

Marketing of the public sector requires comprehensive investigations, not only into the research topics looked into in the past but also the challenges the future beholds.

So this study basically provides a bibliometric view of the theoretical framework that identifies both the benefits and barriers of marketing in the public sector. Four theoretical clusters will be taken into account for the study namely: public health, education, urban politics and social economics.

Identify The Current Trends and Development of Digital Marketing and Relationship Marketing.

State of the art information and communication technologies have completely transformed the way businesses communicate and maintain relationships with their customers.

This study reviews the major topics of academic research that are related to digital marketing and building relationships. The discussion revolves around SEO marketing, co-creation marketing, email and website marketing, social media marketing and more.

Keeping these in view this research paper proposes a research direction for the future that involves AI enabled service automation and emerging technologies such as blockchain and internet of things (IoT).

The primary focus of the paper is about providing a comprehensive image of the connection between digital marketing and relationship marketing.

Explain the Scope of Entrepreneurship Education in the Future Along with Digital Marketing.

Courses related to entrepreneurship education and digital marketing are usually studied separately but some topics overlap them both. The objective of this study is to discuss in detail as to how more digital techniques can be added to entrepreneurship education.

This became significantly useful with Covid 19 when most of the courses transitioned into an online format. The entrepreneurship educators need to take into account the increasing use of digital technology and embed it in their digital marketing courses.

Recommendations regarding future research are discussed in this paper that sheds light on how digital marketing is relevant for the entrepreneurship educators.

Discuss the Marketing Management in Context to the Digital Marketing and Consumer Behaviour.

Marketing management requires a holistic view of managerial thinking to understand and interpret the current marketing environment trends. Technology is key in business related issues since it greatly affects the digital marketing concept.

Consumer behavior on the other hand has always been popular because of the nature of concept. Given the era today, the relationship between brand and consumer is either brand driven or consumer driven.

This paper aims to examine the marketing management in two perspectives, digital marketing and consumer behavior. Highlighting relevant topics, the study revolves around a holistic approach for marketing management.


Elaborate on How Affiliate Marketing can Help Drive Traffic and Increase Customer Activity.

Affiliate marketing plays a pivotal role in driving traffic and promoting customer activity. It increases online business traffic and sales by external referrals highlighting latest scholarly research.

This study covers an extensive research of topics and perspectives that include program management, networking and customer satisfaction.

Students, academicians and practitioners who are seeking information on ways to extend customer activity are prone to be benefitted from this study.

How do Affiliate Marketing Play a Moderating Effect in the Development of a Culture in the SME Sector?

The major objective of affiliate marketing is to use the online distribution channels to promote products and services via third parties. The application however has been limited despite being highlighted as an efficient mode of encouraging SMEs to compete globally.

This paper defines numerous state of the art technological models that can be used to highlight intent for affiliate marketing that can be used for SMEs. The research model includes developmental culture so that its moderating effect can be gauged.

A low developmental culture signifies the connection between expected usefulness and the thought of using affiliate marketing whereas the bond becomes strong between intention and compatibility with high developmental culture.

Discuss How Supply Chain Strategy and Affiliate Marketing Can Increase the Demand of E-Commerce With Keeping Social Media as Point of Value.

This study discusses some of the most influential strategies of affiliate marketing and supply chain that are most beneficial and can be used via social media websites. This practice can boost the demand for e-commerce.

Keeping in view the quantitative approach, the researchers will distribute questionnaires to collect data which will reflect on the awareness level and dependency of businesses on social media websites.

Additionally, CPC/PPC appears to be one of the most influential social media strategies for endorsement and marketing.

Study the Impact of Affiliate Marketing in E-Business With Respect to The Consumers.

Affiliate marketing is also referred to as associate marketing that includes three parties namely: advertiser, publisher and consumer.

The paper aims to find the inner markings of affiliate marketing including the marketplace where participants get to explore the characteristics of a long term and successful relationship.

In order to analyze the consumer perspective, a mixed method approach will be used with an online questionnaire survey.  The results would help rate the product price, quality, buying trend and quick ways to promote the product in a way that it effectively reaches the customers.

Highlight the Importance of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data With Respect To The Techniques, Tools and Opportunities in Affiliate Marketing.

Qualified experts and relevant literature can help implement big data into affiliate marketing. This paper highlights six areas where AI can be beneficial including affiliate management, affiliate recruitment, tracking, forecasting, product data feed optimization and attribution.

The study further elaborates there are three major benefits of using affiliate marketing channels: incentivising publishers, saving time and decision making support.

Although an in depth study of this research topic would better validate the results. The present study would reflect on how implementation of Artificial Intelligence technology can help a business get competitive advantage.


Discuss if Robotic Process Automation is a Good Tool for Social Media Marketing.

Using thorough interview research for this study, it will interview stakeholders related to social media marketing to get their opinion about the goods and bads of social media marketing.

The paper illustrates the process of using the computer capability to integrate the manual method into an automatic process. Since social media marketing and social commerce is gaining widespread popularity, RPA is a hot topic that requires manpower and manual work.

Highlighting the positives and negatives of social media marketing, the article reviews a deep interview research method.

Conduct a Bibliometric Analysis of How Word Of Mouth Impacts Social Media Marketing.

Customer engagement is shaped by digital technology and platforms such social media share experiences of customers who have a first hand experience of using the product or service.

With the increasing trend of artificial intelligence, big data and influencers, the demand and supply of products is facilitated. This paper will focus on identifying the size, scope and exemplary work with a bibliometric review that will highlight the gaps across disciplines.

In addition to highlighting gaps, the study identifies opportunities to advance in understanding, design and intervention for critical decision making.

Conduct an Exploratory Analysis to Define the Role of Social Media Influencers in Politics.

Social media influencers have a great impact on their followers, their attitudes and their purchasing choices which in turn has a great impact on marketing and branding.

Numerous influencers now have addressed political issues during political events. Using the exploratory research methodology, this study investigates the level of engagement of these influencers in politics.

The study strives to identify the key role of influencers in politics where their respective digital spaces have created a third space where they have a great impact on politics with the influence they have over their followers.

How Can Social Media Marketing Help Establish a Connection With Generation Z?

Talking about the participation of Generation Z, the frequency of their social media usage has gained quite the attention. This generation is particularly comfortable with the use of technology but their abilities are somewhat limited.

This paper talks about connecting to the Generation Z via social media since that’s where their focus rests. Commonly referred to as digital natives, they are naturally competent and comfortable with the presence of technology.

The objective behind this study is to highlight strategies that help connecting to Generation Z via social media.

Analyze How International Marketing Has Evolved in the Digital Era.

This paper analyzes the opportunities and challenges of international marketing strategy faced by businesses in this technologically advanced era. The study strives to identify ways in which international marketing methodologies can be reviewed and developed accordingly.

The effectiveness of international marketing strategies is considered using internet-enabled technologies including foreign market selection, external environmental solution, strategy implementation and more.

All in all the study is directed towards the way digital technologies shed light on the foreign market choices of the firm when it adopts effective marketing programs and offer insight accordingly.

Define the Role if Content Marketing in E-Commerce Platforms With Respect to Online Celebrity Economy.

Celebrity endorsements over the internet are gaining widespread popularity over social media and an approach preferred by e-commerce sellers. The purpose of this study is to contribute in capturing first-order and second-order effects both practically and theoretically with respect to marketing outcomes in e-commerce.

A cross-sectional regression method will be used to see how the internet celebrity endorsement holds an economic value along with a panel vector autoregressive model to analyze the relation between celebrities and consumers.

The study would examine how content marketing trends and the sales performance of e-commerce affect the relationship between celebrities and consumers. Also the paper will be insightful for the e-commerce retailers that would highlight online economic values of celebrity endorsement and innovative content marketing practices.


A Literature Review of the Social Media Content Marketing Drivers in the Banking Sector.

This study outlines an elaborate review that defines the mechanics of social media content marketing along with highlighting several benefits for the banking sector.

The market is transitioning from a market-driven stature to a more technologically advanced network-oriented economy.  The banking sector has been part of the digital wave where they are bound to focus and redefine the outlook of  digitalisation processes as they experience a drastic change in consumer behavior and purchasing habits.

This research paper defines numerous strategies related to digital media content marketing that let banks achieve their goals.


Discuss the Intermediary Role Played by E-Word of Mouth in Building Ties Between Content Marketing and Green Purchase Intention.

A quantitative approach is taken in this paper to analyze the mediating role of E-WOM when it comes to the relationship between content marketing and green purchasing intentions.

Social communication theory is the basis of this study where a questionnaire would be distributed to collect relevant data from the general managers.

The paper would help in gathering knowledge if customer intentions can be boosted to purchase green products through word of mouth and appropriate marketing content.

Discuss The Impact of Content Marketing Strategy on Customers Keeping in View The Global Market Conditions.

The marketing world is constantly changing and that too at a very fast pace. The objective of this study is to evaluate the importance of global marketing strategy to communicate with the customers.

This research paper will be discussed in four parts including theoretical aspects, data collection methodologies, analysis of the results with SPSS program and recommendations for development of global market strategy.

As a result, this paper will yield an extensive view of how global marketing strategy can be used to influence users and how important communication is key.

Discuss How the Interaction  of B2B Marketers Con Develop an Understanding to Produce a Co-Owned Marketing Strategy.

The purpose of the paper is to analyze how business to business marketing managers contribute to the knowledge development of a culture by connecting with the personnel present in customer firms to come up with a mutually beneficial marketing strategy.

Using a qualitative approach, questionnaires would be distributed to senior B2B marketing managers to collect data. Grounded Theory Technique and Mind Map Method will be used to show how the thoughts of these senior managers are processed and how knowledge is transferred.

The paper is also an insight into the significance of limitations set for the cooperative marketing action, B2B integrated marketing intelligence and planning.


Discuss How to Take a Systematic Approach of B2B Digital Content Marketing in Unexpected Situations.

This research is focused on elaborating an integrative framework for providing significant content that helps businesses manage uncertain situations especially during a crisis.

Looking through the perspective of a business awareness, the paper is based on findings from the literature review keeping in view the content types directed towards industrial environment awareness and emotional awareness during a pandemic crisis.

The integrative framework in the paper equips the society and the businesses within it to manage uncertain situations with the valuable content that they have gathered.

Discuss the Implications of Artificial Intelligence in B2B Marketing for Market Knowledge.

This paper outlines  how knowledge based marketing is affected by artificial intelligence in the B2B sector. This write up defines the base for any artificial intelligence system in the form of building blocks.

Also, the study discusses implications related to market knowledge in the B2B sector and sets the ground basis for future research opportunities.

The research will illustrate how artificial intelligence can affect the B2B marketing functions originality and conceptualizes the phenomenon from a management’s view point. It will however call for scholarly research for the said topic.


How To Pursue an Effective B2B Digital Marketing Strategy in an Emerging Market?

Businesses operating in developing countries have to deal with the growing need of the internet, online purchasing methods and social media platforms to buy and sell products.

The marketers are yet to find out about how company initiated influence (inorganic) and market initiated (organic)digital communications affect the customer acquisition and B2B sales.

Impressions gathered through this study include that even if the sources of the digital marketing remain constant, the related components exert an influential pattern on the emerging market.

Discuss How Email Marketing Campaigns Affect E-Commerce in the Fashion Industry?

The objective of the study is to analyze the response from numerous email campaigns to see sales conversions and flow of traffic on the website. Taking the explanatory and descriptive approach, the study would include assessment of the proposed research questions.

Key findings of the research include that informative email campaigns were successful in sales conversions. While the cost effective email campaigns resulted in greater amount of traffic flow on the website.

Hence, the fashion brand can adapt its digital strategy to cater to the mailing list in a better way.  They have the capability to steer their content way beyond their digital marketing strategy.


Analyze Network Marketing Strategies That Support Marketing and Sale of Technologically Advanced Products in Micro Economics.

Products based on high tech state of the art  technology face quite a lot of challenges including high investment cost for development of products, costly work force and low life expectancy to name a few.

The challenges related to marketing these products include dynamic environments, big competitors with high resources and high customer expectation with limited resources are some of the few issues.

Qualitative method used in this research will provide a favorable reward plan in network marketing so that enterprises offering technologically advanced products can address their issues and overcome their problems.


Find Out How International Marketing Function Influences the International Firms.

The role of marketing has gained quite the media attention both academically and publicly.  Recent studies show a decrease in marketing function influence as a result of poor performance.

The objective of this study is to analyze the general marketing and international marketing to determine the influencing factors.

This study examines the old models with international context. It also uses a set of strategic international orientations and finds out if synergy exists between them.

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