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100 Hot HRM Essay Topics
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    Human resource management (HRM) is a vast field. Human resource is crucial for both business students and companies to operate efficiently. It helps to manage the relationship between client people, which is essential for businesses. If you want to pursue a career in business, Human resources can help you learn useful skills like administration, reporting, communication, and multitasking. If you are a student, you are in the right place. You have to write projects and papers, and for those, you have to choose hot topics in HR to conduct research that is not unique but easy to do.


    This article provides you with 100 HRM essay topics that will help you in choosing the topic of choice for your dissertation/thesis, research papers, and projects. With these current HR topics, you can do new and up-to-date research during college or university. Not only this, you can make research more rigorous by using these hot topics in HR. The HRM essay topics below are easy to access as they are categorized among general human resource research topics, recruitment and training HR research topics, risk management HR research topics, and Appraisals and performance management HR research topics.


    General HR Essay Topics

    1. Connection between a marketing manager and HRM in a company
    2. Impact of personal connections of HRM with the employee on employee productivity.
    1. How HRM duties have changed in the post-pandemic era.
    2. Ways to maintain a productive workplace environment
    3. How to resolve workplace conflicts
    4. Issue of gender and race base discrimination among employees
    5. How to deal with legal issues faced by the company
    6. How to make employees aware of their fundamental legal and ethical rights.
    7. Ways to resolve ethical issues at the workplace
    8. Impact of annual performance report on the productivity of employees
    9. How to deal with the gender-based pay gape
    10. Responsibilities of HRM for employee satisfaction
    11. How to retain employees
    12. Ways to deal with unhappy employees
    13. How to keep employees motivated
    14. Ways to resolve issues with annual vacations
    15. Availability of work-from-home option for employees
    16. Impact of diversity on business growth.
    17. Role of a positive workplace environment on the growth of the company
    18. Role of the talent recruiter is to bring the best employees to the company
    19. Role of artificial intelligence in HRM
    20. How to use social media for closeness and bonding of employees
    21. What are new technologies that enhance the satisfaction of employees?
    22. Role of Intra-departments competition in increasing productivity
    23. Is it practical to introduce childcare for single parents for the company’s reputation
    24. How to handle employees in case of data breaching


    HRM Essay Topics

    Recruitment and Training Topics

    1. Factors affecting the recruitment of employees
    2. Techniques used by HRM for the hiring of employee
    3. How to find out potential candidates for the company
    4. How to deal with potential employees who want a higher package.
    5. Problems faced by HRM while recruiting an employee
    6. Biases for recruiting new employees
    7. Role of LinkedIn/social media profiles while recruiting
    8. Online interviews vs. physical interviews
    9. How to deal with overqualified employees
    10. Selection of a perfect fresh candidate vs. an experienced old employee.
    11. Training strategies for new employees
    12. How to make training effective for new employees
    13. Effect of a detailed and an effective job advertisement
    14. How many employees feel intimidated by HRM on the first day of their job?
    15. Useful methods for recruitment for small industries.
    16. What to do with personal/individual ethical principles.
    17. How to attract the best employees for the company
    18. What is the best time to recruit new employees
    19. Importance of screening during recruiting
    20. Should HRM drug test new employee

    Risk Management HR Essay Topics

    1. Connection between risk management and HRM
    2. how to deal with celebrities and famous people in the workplace
    3. What should HRM include in developing standards for workplace safety
    4. Importance of risk management and a productive environment
    5. What HRM should do in case of risk identification in the workplace
    6. Link between the motivation of employees and risk management
    7. What is the connection between management, training, and risk assessment
    8. What should HRM do to run the audit
    9. What should HRM do to deal with viral diseases ( take the case of COVID-19)
    10. Should the no-dating with coworkers policy be applied?
    11. Why should employees allow to bring a gun for self-protection at the workplace
    12. Should employees be asked for regular medical testing
    13. Maintaining the well-being of employees in the workplace
    14. Impact of regular workplace training on employees’ betterment.
    15. Does workplace safety increase employee satisfaction
    16. Does on-site working employees need more workplace safety
    17. Why make sure that leaders follow workplace safety rules
    18. Do all types of industries need the same workplace safety?
    19. How to take care of the mental health of employees
    20. Role of HRM in ensuring workplace safety
    21. Punishment for breaking workplace safety rules
    22. Do employees prefer working in companies with better risk assessment and workplace safety
    23. Effective methods to avoid OSHA violations
    24. Is it ethically right to monitor employees during remote work
    25. What are the risks during VR (virtual reality)
    26. How to deal with workplace harassment?
    27. Impact of personal grudges on employee performance
    28. How to deal with false accusations of harassment.
    29. How to deal with employee threats about running movements against the company
    30. How to deal with health-related/medical issues of employees
    31. 30. How to resolve issues of poor ventilation and light quality at the workplace

    Appraisals and Performance Management Topics

    1. Role of HR in developing strategies for employee engagement
    2. How performance management be helpful in strategic planning
    3. Various tools to determine the annual performance of employees
    4. How can Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale be used for performance evaluations
    5. Role of feedback in the productivity of employees
    6. Role of the reward system in strategic planning
    7. Impact of rewards and punishment on employees’ performances
    8. What is the role of technology in performance management and appraisals
    9. How to involve employees in the decision-making of the company
    10. Role of competency mapping in the 360-degree appraisal
    11. How to use Management by Objectives (MBO) in performance appraisal
    12. What is more effective for performance evaluation Human-Resource (Cost) Accounting Method or 360-Degree Feedback
    13. Drawbacks of performance appraisals
    14. How performance management varies from industry to industry
    15. How bonuses and incentives can increase employee retention
    16. Roles of seminars and conferences for employee’s personal growth
    17. Impact of entertainment on the betterment of the workplace
    18. How to promote teamwork among employees
    19. Benefits and challenges of the Human-Resource (Cost) Accounting Method
    20. Techniques of performance appraisal in organizations
    21. Strategy of material management for productivity or organization
    22. Authority of HRM to take legal actions
    23. How to respond to legal actions taken by the employee against the company
    24. Role of HRM on regular internal audit for performance management
    25. Does HRM protects the company or employees?

    Human resource management is one of the most promising fields. It gives you skills like communication, presentation, organizational behavior, and many more. It teaches how to deal with staff and resolve their issues. Every student has to conduct research once during college or university. HRM is a vast field of research. It is essential to choose an excellent topic to conduct research in HR. For research to be comprehensive, it should cover all aspects of the HR research topic. It can be troublesome to find a hot research topic in HR to conduct the research. We are here to help you with this and make the research process easier for you.


    Above, we have compiled hot topics in HR for research purposes. You can choose from this list if you have a problem coming up with a unique HR research topic. The list has current HR topics with plenty of internet data. Each topic is related to HRM, and you can conduct a detailed and comprehensive research. The topics are divided into different headings to make it easy for you to choose from 100 hot HR research topics. Use these trendy topics for research papers, projects, and dissertations and do fantastic research.

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